Monday, September 14, 2020

How to Make a Slimline "Explosion" Card! Video Backup Info!

Hi, all!! Here are the written instructions I promised, although, my videos are better! LOL!! The links to the items used are affiliate links which means I will make a small commission at no charge to you if you make purchases through those links. CC Vintage Christmas Card Bundle:

Card base: 7" by 8 1/2" paper, scored and folded at 3 1/2". Card will be 3 1/2" x 8 1/2" and fit in a business sized envelope.

To make "explosion" inner: Score a piece of 6 3/4" x 8 1/2" paper at 3 3/8" and fold in half. Make a mark along the 8 1/2" spine at 4 1/4". Make two more marks at 2 inches in from either end.

Line up the middle score mark angling down to the corner point of the card and score. Do the same thing from the middle score mark to the opposite corner point. Then do the same kind of thing from the 2" marks angled toward the corresponding corner as before. (I told you the videos were better at explaining! LOL!)

Open the explosion base up and score along the longer lines created from the middle mark, score in both directions. Then mountain fold on those lines. You will have what looks like a triangle. Then valley fold on the score marks created at the 2" marks. Now you should have the "explosion" part created. Place glue on the large triangles created on top and bottom of this piece and center in the card base. Allow to dry and decorate as you wish!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Making Your Own Moving Aperture or Shutter Card Tutorial!

 Hi, guys! As promised, here are the written instructions for the moving aperture or shutter card video I released today! You know I am very much video based, so these instructions are just here as a reference...but the good stuff (clear instructions) are in the video! LOL!

If you are interested, this is the link for the Diamond Press Lots of Love stamp & die set, it is an affiliate link which means I will make a small commission if you make a purchase through it: Of course, you can decorate your card however you wish!!

Let's go!

Take an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of cardstock and cut lengthwise at 5 1/2". Then take the 5 1/2 by 11" piece and cut at 8" (this is your gatefold card base). Take the long strip that remained from the first cut (should be 3 x 11") and cut at 6 1/2" (this creates the aperture guard piece). Use the piece left here and the little section created by your second cut and cut them both to 3 by 3 1/4". These last two pieces will create your aperture pieces.

You will have:

5 1/2 by 8" piece

3 by 6 1/2" piece


Two 3 by 3 1/4" pieces

Score the card base at two inches on either side, fold in on the lines to create a gatefold card base.

Score the aperture guard piece at 1/2" on each end. Fold backward on the score lines. Center a 2" circle die on this piece and cut with your die cutting machine.

Take the two small pieces that are left and score each of them at 1/2" along one edge of the 3 1/4" inch length. Stack the two pieces on top of each other matching up the score marks. On the opposite side, mark the middle of the 3" width. Using that mark as a reference, mark about 1 3/8" down on the 3 1/4" length. Holding the two pieces stacked together, make dovetail cuts from the very corner of the paper to the 1 3/8" mark.

Fold the aperture pieces on the score lines, and lightly adhere to the gatefold flaps. Center the aperture guard over the two aperture pieces and lightly adhere to the card. Close the card and give the whole thing a good bone folding!! Decorate as you wish!

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Spellbinders August 2020 "Sitting Pretty" Small Die of the Month Club Review Tutorial!

 Hi, all! I just wanted to post some still pictures of the mandala card I created using Spellbinders' small die of the month for August! So fun, easy, and addicting!! Links to the die set will be affiliate links which means I will make a small commission if you use them to purchase any items. Thank you!!

Link to Spellbinders club page:

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Art Impressions Southwest Watercolor Design in Their 3D Frame!

This came together so well!! Thanks for stopping by to take a closer look at the images using Art Impressions' Southwest stamp set and their super easy to use 3D frame dies! Links included will be affiliate links, meaning if you make any purchases using those links I will make a small commission. Thank you for the support!

Art Impressions:
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Tombow Watercolor Accessories Set:
Acrylic Block Set:
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Southwest Stamp Set:
Foliage 4051 Stamp Set:
Bonnie’s Favorite Tombow Set:

A Cherry on Top:
Acrylic Block Set:

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Arteza 72 Piece Watercolor Pencils Review Swatches!

Hi, guys! Here are the swatches of the order I put the pencils in...needs a little tweaking but it might help you get yours in order better! Any links I have for the Arteza products will be affiliate links, meaning I will make a small commission if you make any purchases using those links. Thank you!

96 Piece Brush Pens and Carry Bag Set: Watercolor Pencil Bundle: Premium Watercolor Paper: 3 Pack Watercolor Paper Pads: