Sunday, February 8, 2015

Review: Lade B Flat Trumpet from!

Hi, guys! I decided to go ahead and do a blog post for this trumpet since I was hard pressed to find any online currently. This trumpet was sent to me by for review purposes, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to do so because my 14 yo has been playing for many years. This model of Lade (or Slade) is a great beginner trumpet at a wonderful entry price. The sound is very good. My son had a couple of concerns...he stated the the keys are "sort of high," and there is no adjusting the back pinky loop. Other than that, the valves work great, and he had no complaints. Be assured, this is not a trumpet for a professional player, but is very nice for a novice. Also, at the low won't hurt so much if/when your child decides he/she would prefer to play something else or just move on!

Here are some pics and the video review:

Video Link: