Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kitty Rag Doll using Singer Stitch Sew Quick 2!

Hi, everyone! OMG, I love this project, and hope you do, too! I wanted to make a small project using this little sewing machine. So, I came up with a pattern to make a cat rag doll...I wanted to make something not typical...and that didn't require hair! Here are some images to go along with the video tutorial. I made the clothes and face after the basic tutorial, so I'll include some images of that, too!

Here is my pattern, again...I just made it up! I hope you try and make your own, if this one isn't quite to your liking:

This is kind of how I made the dress...I fussy cut two rectangles with small areas cut off the top corners (need two of these). I just eyeballed the length, and made it much wider than the doll so it will scrunch nicely. (:

I sewed a 1/4" hem along the trimmed corners and the bottom of the piece. Then I folded the top area down creating a channel for ribbon to be inserted in, sewed it in place. I placed both pieces of "dress" right sides facing, and sewed them together along the sides.

Turn right side out. It will look something like this:

Take some thin ribbon, add a safety pin to the end...use the safety pin like a needle to help you get the ribbon into the channel you created.

Go through one channel of the dress, into the next one.

You can tie the ends together, or cut them in half. So, you can have one bow...or one over each shoulder.

I drew the muzzle area with a marker, then added buttons and embroidery.

That's it! Here is the video tutorial!

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  1. Beautiful doll.Love the cute eyes.I have become follower.

    Gr, Sylvia.