Sunday, October 10, 2010

Envie Album Tutorial

I was planning on doing a tutorial for these albums that I love making, and Tresa ( had the perfect opportunity for me to get this "tute" out! So here it is:

You will need four envelopes (I used Mead dollar store ones - they measure 4 1/8" x 9 1/2"), two to three sheets of patterned cardstock, and all the embellies you want! You can put the album pages in any order, just keep your order in mind as you paper your pages.

1) Cut two of the envies in half. These will become your front/page 1 and back/page 8, and two pocket pages:

2) Cut two inches off of one side of one envie (I did two inches, but you can cut off however much you want). This will create a flap page with a pocket, and a pocket for your last page. Score the longer envie piece at 4 3/4" from closed end to create flap (the score varies depending on the dimensions of your envelope, but you want to score it at whatever length half of your envelope is):

3) Score and fold one envie in half, then adhere the bottom edge and open side closed with strong adhesive. This will create a pocket page with a top pocket:

4) Cut patterned papers to fit your pages. Starting with the covers (two of the envie halves) and the pocket page made in step three: I cut my papers at 4 1/8" x 9 1/2". Score and fold the paper at 4 3/4", cover with adhesive (I used my ATG) and wrap paper around one of the envie halves covering the opening with the fold of your paper. Repeat with the other envie half and pocket:

5) Next, cover the last two half envie pieces with paper cut at 4 1/8" x 4 3/4" (or whatever half of your envie is). I cut my pieces a little longer, scored at 4 3/4", and tucked the little flap into the envie opening for a more finished look:
Sorry, I didn't have an "in the process" pic of this part!

6) For the longer envie section that has the score and flap, cover it with two pieces of paper measured at 4 1/8" x 7 3/4" (or whatever measurements you have for this envie).

7) Take that small section that was cut off of the previous envie, and cover it with a small piece of patterned paper that coordinates with your last page. Adhere this piece vertically to the right edge of your last page. This will create a small pocket:

8) Arrange your pages in order, and bind with whatever method you are most comfortable with. I use my Bind It All for most projects, I used eyelets and rings for this one because those things are more cost effective and more widely available! You can even use ribbon.

9) Create tags for the pockets! I wait until the book is bound to make the tags so that I don't end up piercing my tags with the BIA or eyelets, and so that they still fit after being bound. Here are a couple of pics of the album I featured in the steps, there are many more on my blog under Cosmo Cricket Mini Album. Come check it out!!

Thanks for looking, I hope these instructions were clear. Maybe I should manke a video? This was my first try at a tute!!


  1. Very cute project and a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing the instructions with us...I'll definitely be making one (or more!) of these!

  2. Great tutorial. Lovely project!!! Thanks for sharing:)