Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Imagine that!

I was so psyched to get my Cricut Imagine today, and was quickly frustrated and disappointed! To start off it needed an update, fine. It took about 20 minutes. Then, it did the printing alignment sheet 11 times!!! I guess there was a glitch or something, because after it printed out all of the lines and the little bird (like every hp printer does), it would tell me there was no mat in the machine. So, I would have to reload the mat with paper, and do it again!! There was no getting around it, the machine wouldn't respond until I put in the mat again. After all of that (and wasting how much of that expensive ink), it did the cutting alignment job. That was no problem! Then I cut my first images:

 Those were sooo cute! Then I realized I can color any of my existing cartridges, so I decided to make the heart bag from Tags, Bags, Boxes and More:

As you an see, the print was way off (I guess it was actually the cutting that was off)! And I couldn't fix it, until much later when I did ANOTHER alignment page!!! Then I noticed that the gray strip on the front of the Imagine was coming off! I know later we will be able to switch out these gray parts for other colors, but it wasn't coming off because it was removeable - it was broken!

Anyway, here's another try at using the same cartridge to make a little purse (about 1 inch!!):

Okay, so the purse and tag are darling! I called in for an exchange on this machine! Hopefully the new one is much better!!! BTW, thanks for letting me buy this new toy, hubby!

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